Campus EnergyVille is located at the former mining site of Waterschei and houses the research facilities of EnergyVille. It represents an integrated service-center which combines both office spaces and state-of-the-art lab facilities.

Campus EnergyVille

Energyville 1

EnergyVille 1, was designed by the internationally acknowledged firm of architects Kempe Thill and is an energy-efficient building which exchanges heat and electricity with its surroundings. The building was officially inaugurated on 22 September 2016 and encompasses all facilities a top research institute needs. It functions as a unique living lab with advanced lab infrastructure in which 250 researchers of EnergyVille work in an interdisciplinary way. Additionally, the building strives for a BREEAM Excellent certification, a rating for the optimal sustainability of a building. To realize this, the building was equipped with numerous sustainable and intelligent facilities and technologies. The ultimate aim is an efficient way of consuming and managing energy without any loss of comfort for the users.

For the expansion of EnergyVille 1, Campus EnergyVille received support from:

Campus EnergyVille

Energyville 2

EnergyVille 2 is the second building in which the EnergyVille collaboration resides. The building is equipped with state-of-the-art research laboratories and office space for about 100 researchers.  In EnergyVille 2, an important topic of research is making PV systems and new storage systems more efficient, intelligent and less expensive, allowing more energy to be stored in electric cars or home batteries. Highlights of this brand new building are the BIPV set-up (solar panels integrated in the façade), imec’s pre-pilot line for thin-film solar cell production and the dry room in the lab where the humidity is kept at 0.6% to ensure a safe way of processing new battery materials into batteries.



EnergyVille is a collaboration between the Flemish research partners KU Leuven, VITO, imec and UHasselt in the field of sustainable energy and intelligent energy systems. Our researchers provide expertise to industry and public authorities on energy-efficient buildings and intelligent networks for a sustainable urban environment. This includes, for example, smart grids and advanced district heating and cooling.

More info about the research collaboration EnergyVille:


Thor Park

Research in sustainable energy requires the necessary infrastructure and cannot be executed in a vacuum. Thor Park located at the former mining site of Genk-Waterschei offers this infrastructure in the form of a high-end business site coupled to a science park. At the same site, the main building, Thor Central, has been restored and transformed into a multifunctional center allowing workshops, conferences, seminars and much more. Furthermore, the site was equipped with a technology talent campus that opened in 2018. This way, the park gathers the three factors education, research and entrepreneurship about technology and
sustainable energy in one location, providing an excellent source for cross-pollination.

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IncubaThor is the incubator for enterprises focusing on Smart Energy, Innovationa & Technology. IncubaThor is the ideal base for: start-ups and growing businesses to take the leap, for researchers to start spin-off activities or to draw on the competences of the scientific and research environment in stimulating surroundings, as the R&D department of a larger national or an international company.

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Contact details

Campus EnergyVille
Thor Park 8310
3600 Genk

T +32 (0)89 39 97 00


GPS André Dumontlaan 67, 3600 Genk, Belgium

Office hours

Mo-Fr 8h30 – 16h30


Visitors of EnergyVille 1 can use the ten visitor parkings available under the EnergyVille I building. The entrance can be found on the right side of the building (via the gate). Nineteen charging stations are provided in case you want to recharge your electric vehicle.

Visitors of EnergyVille 2 can use the parking spaces available on the right side of the building. Similarly, ten charging stations are available to recharge electric vehicles.

If the visitor places are full, you can find additional parking spots at the public parking lot at the entrance of Thor Park.

Warning! It is not allowed to park in front of the building: on the gravel, in the little ‘park’ or next to the roads in the whole of Thor Park. Parking guards check Thor Park very regularly for offenders.

Visitors for EnergyVille 1 with a disability can use the hydraulic lift available outside at the main entrance on the left, or the main elevator available in the garage in the basement. EnergyVille 2 is accesible through the main entrance door.


Suppliers for EnergyVille 1 have to register at the reception desk of EnergyVille I.
Suppliers for EnergyVille 2 bave to register at the control room, accessible on the left side of the EnergyVille 2 building (opening hours: 7:30am till 7:00 pm)